Clients' Programmes

PKOCM provide assessment and rehabilitation programmes for people with physical disability. This includes advice on suitable aids, equipment and ensuring access to appropriate medical, paramedical, welfare, education department, labour and financial resources.
People with  disabilities are taught to use the equipment and the family members are encouraged to take part in the rehabilitation process. The therapy team also reaches out to people with physical disability who are registered with us. To name a few, our visits focus on Sitiawan, Lumut, Manjung, Ayer Tawar, Kampong Koh, Lekir, Beruas and Pantai Remis areas.  We try to help him or her and the family to understand the nature of the disability, how it was caused, whether it can be treated, how to manage if it is painful and whether it will improve. Our most important task is to develop a program for each client which will allow him or her to achieve as much as possible to encourage a satisfying lifestyle.
Such a program will look at the potential of the client and the family. A family with a disabled member has a particular problem which we help them to manage and give relevant information. The treatment may include exercises to strengthen his limbs or an education program to enable the person who has limited physical ability to develop his intellectual capacity, assisting to gain suitable employment by referring to other agencies.
1. Physiotherapy -  We provide counselling, encouragement and motivation to both the disabled  and caregivers in using specialized exercise techniques. Daily continuity of exercise programme at the centre and at home is important for better results. These exercises strengthen limbs and improve body control, balance, walking and movement.

2. Pre-school classes - Basic Academic skills are the basic tools of modern living and helping persons with disabilities to read and write gives the best of all starts in life, as it is an essential, enriching and attainable skill for children and adult with special needs. The teaching method here are specifically designed to be motivating, fun and rewarding with flash cards, games, puzzles, building blocks and recommended story books. Our dedicated volunteers are also involved in these teaching programmes. This programme is also designed to prepare children for normal schools or for admission into special schools and training centres.

3. Activities of Daily Living - Basic  Skill  Training  such  as  dressing, eating  and  simple  household  tasks
4. Art and Handicraft
5. Music and Movement 
6. Access - To Public Facilities And Recreational Outing Programmes to assist the client’s rehabilitation and ways to use leisure time. Disabled people too can be fit and happy. 
7. Professional Development in which we accept and train students. (E.g. Physiotherapy students from Master Skill University College of Health Sciences) to ensure best quality services are available for disabled people.
8. School Placement where all children who are capable are encouraged to attend normal schools, kindergartens or special education classes integrated in normal schools. Close liaison with district education department and with headmasters enables us to help physically disabled children to enjoy all the benefits for normal schooling.

9. Arranging referrals to government bodies & other NGOs (e.g. Welfare Department, Yayasan Kebajikan Negara, Bakti, Cheshire Home, and Hospital) for relevant assistance required by clients like job placement, preparing letters for clients who need financial assistance to buy modified motorbike, information regarding appropriate equipment or other professional appointment.

10. Volunteers help PKOCM in many ways. Because of its Community Base Approach, our association frequently works with them. There are many ways in which they are able to help. 

Some examples are:

-  teaching a disabled child in reading, writing and     mathematics.

 being involved with people with disability in social activities.

 assisting in special events

 sewing & other handicraft.

11. Support Groups - This include Parents Support Group and Manjung Wheelchair Tennis Club. In the Parents Support Group, parents of the disabled children get together and share their problems, aspirations, request and plans to improve the quality of life of their children with special needs. The Manjung Wheelchair Tennis Club comprises athletes  from our Persatuan Kebajikan Orang Cacat Manjung (PKOCM). Recently, in November 2010 Mr. Koh Eng Huat participated in the International Wheelchair Tennis Meet in Bangkok.

12. Outreach Programme in Beruas and Pantai Remis. Most clients are visited at the PDK in Bruas and clients have been visited in their own homes in Pantai Remis.





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